Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello Wonders (and honorary member, Kim)

It's also been awhile for me since I've seen everyone, so hi :) hope things are going well. Am liking this blog idea...thanks, Jono. I've missed seeing you all on a regular basis. As some may know, I had been planning on going back to Sydney for another semester and recently changed my mind for a variety of reasons, none of which are particularly interesting. So I'll be helping Leiszle report on Brown occurrences...since I'm not sure we can rely on Eric and Andy :)

Sydney was pretty darn cool. Beautiful city with beautiful beaches. Which is mostly what Leiszle and I got out of the semester. Sydney is a great place to go for relaxation and fun...forget studying. Got to cuddle a koala and pet a dingo which is all I really wanted out of life. Tried to smuggle a baby koala home and didn't make it out the zoo, I'm sorry to report. Best nights there were the ones we didn't plan out. Once we went into the city planning on having drinks with a friend, but everything was closed so we ended up eating potato wedges on Coogee Beach around midnight. Good stuff.

Ozzies are exactly like you would expect from pop culture and love to tease us poor uneducated Americans. Two friend had Leiszle and I convinced (along with seveal other hapless foreigners) that there is a creature called a drop bear, which is something like a polar bear that drops out of trees on unsuspecting campers in the outback. The closest I came to one of these was a drunk kid leaping out a tree whilst yelling DROP BEAR!

There are also spiders as big as your hand called Huntsmans I believe. They're massive and apparently don't like soft places. Again, we were convinced by some craft Australians that these spiders will actually chase you down. I only believed that for a second. Well, maybe two.

Also, never say you root for a team while in really, really, doesn't mean the same thing there.

I'm sure Leiszle will have more to add at some point. It was an awesome place to spend six months but I'm very ready to be back at Brown (even though I am again living in Keeney!). Looking forward to seeing those of you who are there and hearing from those of you who are not.