Thursday, February 21, 2008

lack of saaviness, usw

Right, so being the technology ditz I am (and, in my defense, being severely restricted on internet use, at least compared to the days when I could check email nearly every hour and would be annoyed when somebody didn´t answer me within a day. Oh, I´ve grown), I completely forgot about the blog. Then, today, in the midst of frantically trying to do some homework for a class in 6 minutes, I remembered, and instantly checked and saw all of these nice things from yall! (Also, I don´t really try in class here. It´s strange, but also very freeing).
More importantly, I´m in Ecuador. So much is different here that I´m not sure where to begin. Recent events: Yesterday my friend and I decided to go to a soccer game, Liga Universitaria (the best team in Ecuador) vs. some team from Brasil that I never quite got their name. We left from a foreign part of town, at night, and realized, as we were wandering up and down a street, in the rain, that we weren´t even sure if the stadium was north or south of where we are. Fortunately, there is no use trying to look cool here, because you´re already obviously a gringo. So we just asked a few people, got oriented, took a bus to Estadio Casa Blanca (the most beautiful stadium I´ve ever seen. I know that sounds strange), and followed the masses in.
We were a little disoriented when we got there, and I ended up buying a ticket for the wrong section. I then had to sweet talk my way in (surprisingly easy. A plus of gringo status, usually), and then we met my friend´s host brother, who saved us rainy stadium seats. I learned some great cuss words (phrases? like chuta de tu madre... your mom´s dick) and other colorful cheers.
Sadly, it was zero-zero, but still exciting.
From now on I will post, because I am doing things sort of, and it will be interesting. Much love, I´m off to class.