Friday, March 14, 2008


hi all!

i just got back from visiting kait in ecuador a couple of days ago. the trip was really wonderful and i had a great time (hopefully kait did as well). i will provide a quick picture log (a plog, if you will):

this is kait. in quito.
(just in case you forgot what she looks like)

looking down at quito from the tippy top of a church.
only rickity ladders were used.

we went on a very long bike ride and saw waterfalls. and a pig.

a beautiful view that was well worth the hike.

obviously i couldn't leave ecuador without going ice skating.

we took a break from watching the craziest bollywood movie EVER to take a picture with kait's host mom and host sister.

this puppy was not in ecuador but she IS the cutest thing i've ever seen.

in conclusion, i highly recommend ecuador and adorable puppies. they're both good for the soul.

don't forget to celebrate st. patty's day in style!

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